Vaidyagrama Ayurveda

The client’s brief was to create the right atmosphere for contemporary Ayurveda on a 12 acre site surrounded by agricultural fields and hills.

We visited Auroville & IISc in Bangalore to study stabilized earth construction techniques.
To gain a better understanding of Ayurvedic treatment centres, we studied the layouts & facilities at various Ayurveda centres across Kerala.

In the first phase four acres were developed with a built-up area of 20000 square feet, comprising of four self-contained clusters. Each cluster has four patient rooms, treatment block,  physician’s quarters and a dining gazebo. The pavilions & clusters were woven together by covered walk-ways.

Two chief impulses guided our design : to create a strong sense of immersion in nature and to create spaces that would foster healing.

The green initiatives adopted in this project include:

  • Use of stabilized mud blocks with earth excavated from the site.
  • Filler slab roof to reduce concrete and increase insulation.
  • Use of existing levels with minimum excavation to preserve the original topography.
  • Effective use of courtyards and verandahs to cut out glare and heat gain.
  • Water conservation by digging of re-charge wells, collection of rainwater, heavy planting on lower slopes to prevent run-off and recycling water.
  • Climate control with wind catcher chimneys.
  • Use of natural pesticides to avoid contamination of the earth.
  • Installation of a windmill to generate electricity.
  • Use of solar panels for heating water and cooking purposes.
  • Use of LED lamps for energy efficient lighting.
  • Planting of trees, medicinal plants and herb garden for soil conservation and ‘greening’ the site.

20,000 Square Feet

Completed in 2012