Two Farmhouses At Tirupur

These are two houses for a brother & a sister on a coconut plantation in the outskirts of Tirupur.

The first house for the sister is a series of rooms strung together & linked by the deep verandah in front. While the rooms are done up tastefully, it is the cool verandah that is the heart of the house – a place to gather, to eat, to chat or just relax. This verandah has coconut trees growing through it’s roof, terracotta floors, carved timber pillars, louvred window shutters, doors with sash-bars & antique furniture giving this space an old-world charm.

The second house, set in a clearing, has walls of locally available stone at the lower level & brickwork with plaster on top. The open verandah on the first floor further lightens the architecture – giving symmetry & linking the two enclosed spaces on top. The roof is built with rafters, bamboo underlay & re-used country tiles. The lush garden complements the natural materials used in this building.

3400 Square Feet

3800 Square Feet

Built in 2000