Anjaneya Temple At Singanallur

The renovation of this one hundred and fifty year old Hanuman temple was entrusted to us by one of the descendants of the Madhava family. This family-temple is set in a large open quadrangle emanating peace & tranquillity even though it is located in one of the congested suburbs of Coimbatore. To the north and east it is bounded by the priests’ quarters. The large open courtyad has a huge Peepal tree and a sacred Bilva tree. A Mantapam hall gives entry to the inner hall with the Brindavanam which then opens to the inner sanctum, housing the beautiful statue of Anjaneya.

The brief was to renovate and refurbish the structures while retaining the original character and sanctity of the temple. The priests’ quarters to the east were refurbished. The one to the north was rebuilt and roofed with clay tiles. The crumbling walls of the open well were rebuilt, which remains the main source of water for the temple and the quarters. The pradakshina path & the circumambulation around the Naga devtaas under the Peepal tree were re-laid & made level.

5000 Square Feet

Completed in 2016