Conceptual design:

We begin by listening to the client’s needs, aspirations and concerns.
We then gather information about the site, the climate and the context.
With this we develop the conceptual design for the project.


Development of the design:

The design is developed working closely with the clients.
The various building systems including structural, electrical, air conditioning, data etc. are incorporated into the design.
Custom details are worked out for different elements of the building.


Selection Process

Materials, finishes & fixtures are compared, reviewed & selected.
Quotations are obtained, scrutinized & recommendations made.

Construction drawings

The final scheme is developed into a set of detailed technical drawings.
These drawings form the basis for obtaining quotations.
They are issued to the relevant contracting agencies for execution of the work.

Review During Construction

We review the site during construction for compliance with schedules, quality of materials, and workmanship.