Private Residences

Farmhouse At Anaikatty

An expansive house tucked away in one corner of a 13 acre coconut plantation. A place to enjoy stunning views, trek the nearby hills & to entertain friends and family.

House On Race Course

A simple yet elegant home in the heart of the town.

Three Houses At Kodaikanal

Three vacation homes for three friends on one large estate, set into the contours of the sloping site.

House On A Tea-Slope

A house in the hills, with gently sloped roofs, designed to bring in the outdoors.

Farmhouse At Hasanur

A weekend home at Hasanur, with a viewing gallery for spotting animals or just gazing at the scenery.

House At Chennai

A compact house on a narrow plot in Kalakshetra Colony, Chennai.

Farmhouse at Idigarai

A farmhouse in the outskirts of the city, to pursue a passion for organic farming.

Two Farmhouses At Tirupur

Two houses located in the same thottam (farm), made from similar materials, yet very different from each other.

A House With A Clinic

This house for a Doctor couple features a four-bed home, a dental clinic & a compact swimming pool for their active sons.

Some More Houses

A selection of other houses designed by our firm in the last 20 years.