Prakriya International School

This campus was created for students wishing to pursue the Cambridge syllabus with the IGCSE board. As the trustees were the same, it had to maintain the ethos of the successful and popular school on Trichy road that was founded fifty years ago. 25,000 sq.ft. of labs, classrooms and support facilities had to be built in record time before the start of the new academic year. There were many buildings on the site built over a period of time to house industrial facilities. The attempt was to retain and re-use as much as possible and build afresh only where necessary. The structures on the site resolved themselves into four blocks – the North block, the Middle block, the South block and the East block.

We went about fitting the facilities into these blocks. The North block to house the library and the labs, the Middle block lent itself to the class rooms; the South block for support facilities like staff room, activity area & toilets; the East block near the entry  for administration facilities.

The labs housed in the existing buildings with stone walls & high roofs are very spacious and  airy. A monitor roof was added for better light and ventilation.

The wrap around arcade built with exposed bricks unites the design aesthetically & screens off the differences due to some of the old buildings being retained and some new buildings being added.

The large open plot to the South East serves as ample parking space for drop off and pick up. The playground to the South West doubles as the space for annual day performances. 

Area: 25,000 Square Feet

Completed: 2016