MDL Factory

This factory for a Brazilian firm manufacturing die-sets, is designed to incorporate advanced water & energy saving features. The 2.5 lakh litre rainwater harvesting tank ensures that most of its water requirements are met in this drought-prone region. Simple & unique techniques were employed to ensure good ventilation & energy savings.

Salient features include:
Cutting & filling of the entire three acre site to allow for future expansion & ease of construction.
A 50mm gap along the sides which sets up excellent ventilation in conjunction with the monitor-roof.
The insulated sheet roof that brought down the indoor temperature significantly.
250mm thick floor slab allowing flexibility in machine layout.

The green initiatives adopted in this project were:
Use of AAC blocks.
Rain water harvesting upto 2,50,000 litres.
Anaerobic filters for recycling waste water.
Photo-sensors to save power.

Phase One:  25,000 Square Feet

Phase Two : 20,000 Square Feet

Phase One completed in 2012