Three Houses At Kodaikanal

This project to design three houses for three friends within a common compound started off with very similar requirements for each of them: living, dining, kitchen & three bedrooms.
As we delved into each clients requirements & preferences, it turned out to be quite different from each other. Also, the slope, the plot characteristics & their relation to each other called for unique & customized solutions for each house.
We strove to bring unity to the overall scheme by integrating common elements like sloped roofs, stone-clad facade, picture windows & entrance verandahs.

The house at the very top has two levels on the ground floor, with the bedrooms  tucked into the higher slope. An upper mezzanine off the dining area acts as a viewing gallery with commanding views of the surroundings & of the scenic Lake.

The house on the middle plot is C-shaped in plan, to take advantage of the wider plot. A low roof gives this house the rustic cottage feel. An entrance verandah to the North and a sun room to the South take advantage of the expansive views.

The third house is on the lower slope and is a simple rectangle in plan. It gets the advantage of a basement due to the sloped site. A grove of pear trees lends character to this plot. 

Average size 2600 Square Feet

Completed  in 2017