Farmhouse At Anaikatty

This farmhouse was conceived as a weekend retreat on a 12-acre coconut plantation in the hills of Anaikatty.
Dominated by the surrounding hills, the form of the building establishes a strong connection between the plantation & the hills.
The layout of the house is based on two elements : the verandah & the courtyard.
The verandah acts as the transition space between the outside & the inside.
The central courtyard with a water body instills peace & brings in freshness.
The landscaped courtyard in the toilets brings in light & fresh air.
White broken glazed tiles with a splash of coloured chips are used for cladding the roof. This reflects the heat & keeps the interior cool.
Slate tiles are used for the flooring, giving rustic-warmth & a subtle iridescence to the interiors.
Slits with coloured glass are incorporated in the clere-storey, illuminating the rooms with changing patterns through the day.

The deep verandah abutting the lap-pool is a place to relax & take in the beauty of the hills.
The furniture & fittings are intentionally simple & understated; the house being a place to relax with nature without any distractions.

4600 Square Feet

Completed in 2010

Devices used to keep the house cool:
Thick, brick walls with the bricks sourced from a nearby kiln.
Water bodies
Reflective roof