Profile of Studio 29

We are a firm of architects based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and have been in practice for more than two decades. The practice is headed by Jayashree &  Sai Vivek. We provide access & responsiveness that only a small firm can offer. We listen closely to the client, collaborate with a dedicated team of consultants & have a good working relationship with the contractors. We pay attention to details & take full advantage of today’s technology in our work processes & communication. 

Profile of Founders

Jayashree Raman is an architect dedicated to better design using minimum resources for the last 25 years.
She has worked with senior architects like Habib Rahman, Sharat Das, PK Das, Savita Idnani & Sajith Carambiah.
After having lived & worked in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Bengaluru, she moved to Coimbatore with Sai Vivek for a better work-life balance.
She enjoys the process of design, interacting with new clients, customizing their unique set of requirements & seeing it taking shape.
When she is not immersed at work, she is doing yoga on the terrace, innovating healthy snacks, reading Murakami or listening to Carnatic music.
She is currently crafting a program to help architectural interns realize their full potential.


Sai Vivek studied architecture at Academy of Architecture, Mumbai & then worked at Centre for Design Excellence, Bengaluru on upscale showrooms, hotels & residences.
Having lived in Mumbai for 25 years, he has a good understanding of the optimal utilization of space.
He has a quick grasp of complex requirements & is good at handling large projects effectively.
He is a visiting faculty at colleges where he inspires his students to design responsibly as well as trains the junior faculty.
He enjoys birding & uses every opportunity to observe birds, butterflies & their natural habitat.
He loves to sing & gives regular performances with his music group.

Story behind the name ‘Studio 29’

When Jayashree moved to Delhi after completing architecture school in Bombay, she discovered that her neighbour was none other than Habib Rahman – the senior architect who had designed landmark buildings & memorials across Delhi. He became a mentor & a friend. Later when she moved to Bengaluru, Habib-da would communicate every week by means of the humble 15 Paise post card.
He would sketch solutions to myriad design problems & sign off as ‘Studio 29’ as his door number was ‘29’.
Later, when she co-founded an architectural practice with Sai Vivek, the natural choice for the name of the firm was ‘Studio 29’.

Our Mentors

Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman was the first Indian to graduate in architecture from an American University (MIT).
As Joseph Allen Stein wrote in his tribute ‘ Habib was a Gandhian kind of an architect, seeking beauty through appropriateness & simplicity. His smaller structures such as the later memorials have a striking & poetic simplicity, delicacy & grace.’
He was conferred with the Padma Shri & the Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the field of architecture.

Geoffrey Bawa
Bawa’s grasp of western civilization coupled with his  understanding of vernacular building traditions made him one of the early proponents of ‘Tropical Modernism’.
His unique style influenced architects across the world.
His mastery over climate, landscape & culture resulted in the seamless blending of the inside & the outside